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We only have premium resorts, exceptional standards
of facilities and first rate personal service.

We have unrivalled expertise in matching holidaymakers with resort promotions. This means we get you the best holidays available anywhere in Europe, at the unbeatable prices.

You will not find our holidays anywhere else cheaper FACT.

Simply take a look at our ‘Special Offers‘ and then go away and try and beat our deals, you’ll find it simply can’t be done.

From you first contact with us you are assigned a personal, highly qualified holiday specialist. Our travellers have found this direct and personal point of contact to be invaluable in the booking and smooth working of our holidays. Dreamland Breaks resorts are specially selected to give beautiful locations, first rate service and a standard of fixture and fittings second to none.

At Dreamland Breaks we offer:

  • Personalised booking service

  • Unrivalled resort accessibility

  • World class resorts

  • Quality assurance

We are in a highly competitive market and in the internet age we understand that customer satisfaction and service delivery is how a company will live or die.

We are a relatively young company but with a fast growing reputation. We have to constantly improve because you, our customers, expect a constant improvement (and rightly so) in your holiday experience.

The modern communication age will see many in the holiday industry disappear and rightly so to our mind. Those that will stay in the industry will be those who provide what is promised and then some.

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