Holidays in Corfu remain ever-popular, enticing tourists with the stunning scenery, innumerable beaches and bustling nightlife. You will find that a holiday in Corfu is full of variety.

Contemporary resorts

The island provides a contrast of contemporary resorts and quiet fishing villages, allowing you to combine sight-seeing with soaking up the sun on the beach (the island hits around 30 degrees in the summer).


Families and couples may decide to visit the popular resort of Sidari, which is situated close to Corfu Town. Boasting family-friendly restaurants, sparkling waters in sandy bays and bars that have a range of cocktails to sample, this is an ideal place for a relaxed holiday.


If you want a bit more action, head for Kavos, one of Europe’s favourite party destinations. The resort is famous for jet-skiing, fishbowl cocktails and foam parties.

Dining out

You will be spoilt for choice when deciding what to eat in Corfu. From Corfu’s speciality, meatballs stuffed with feta cheese, to fresh fish you will find something for everyone when you dine out.

Beautiful villages

Corfu refers to both the island and to its main town. Beautiful villages of whitewashed houses confetti the sunny isle, two to 15 miles off the Albanian coast. Kerkyra, as it is called in Greek, is rich in Byzantine churches, Venetian fortresses and vibrant nightlife, just some of the reasons it remains the most popular Ionian island.

Cobbled streets

The cosmopolitan town has a population of 37,000, and a wealth of Greek, French and British influences in its maze of narrow, cobbled streets and sophisticated New Town.


Corfu, the most northern of the Greek Islands, is the most popular of the Ionian Islands and experiences a climate which differs from many of its neighbouring islands.

Corfu’s climate is not quite the typical ‘Summer Holiday’ type of climate, but it is thoroughly enjoyable despite its differences from other beachside resort locations such as Tenerife and Mykonos. The appearance of the island reaps the benefits of its unusual weather and the result is a luscious, green landscape inclusive of three million olive trees!

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