Fuerteventura has been described as one of the more ‘organic’ Canary Islands. Its proximity to Morocco and the Western Sahara desert gives it an African feel to it that the other islands don’t possess.

Incredible beaches

Popular with tourists of all ages, Fuerteventura benefits from glorious beaches and year-round sunshine. The incredible size of Fuerteventura’s beaches makes it extremely attractive to surfers and those looking to take part in watersports, as well as sunbathers. Children can take advantage of the numerous play parks, mini-golf-courses and trampolines on offer.


The resort of Corralejo, in the north, is great for those looking for watersports and other activities, as well as being family-friendly. You will find excellent restaurants, serving fresh fish, and shops around the harbour – a perfect location for an evening stroll.

Sunday Market

If you would like a quieter trip to Fuerteventura, head to Costa Calma. With amazing white beaches and palm trees, this is the perfect place to relax. You can also visit the bustling Sunday market.


If you are in search of a ‘get away from it all’ holiday then Fuertuventura is a fabulous place to relax and enjoy a slice of calming tranquillity. Fuertuventura is known for its fabulous beaches and water sports. Both of which can be enjoyed by the traveller all year round, thanks to the never-ending sunshine.

Warm sea

As far as beach holidays go, the clear blue waters and warm sea can’t be bettered with Costa Caleta and Jandia being two particular favourites. The bars and clubs are a tad calmer than on some of the other Canarian islands, but still, a good time can be had throughout the year if great nightlife is more of a priority than golden sand.


The weather in Fuerteventura is unlike any of the other Canary Islands. It sits in the Atlantic, 108 km from the northwest mainland African coast. The weather it experiences is quite unique. Fuerteventura and its neighbouring islands have been called ‘the island of eternal spring’ because of their pleasant weather throughout the year.

There isn’t an enormous amount of annual temperature variation. The thermometer sits around the mid-twenties year round. There is still a distinction between the ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ months, but the island very rarely experiences temperature extremes.

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