1. Barcelona, Spain’s Most Vibrant City

Barcelona is a truly wonderful city, a mixture of ancient and modern – with everything in between. This blend of Mediterranean sunshine, pulsating nightlife and centuries old tradition provides something for everyone. Culture and clubbing, art and architecture, with fabulous beaches thrown in for nothing. The old city is home to some of Europe’s finest examples of Gothic architecture and yet just a stone’s throw away you will marvel at the futuristic splendour of the new, 21st century Barcelona.

2. Lisbon, Portugal’s Capital

Lisbon is a magical city of high hills and cobblestones. It’s narrow streets and alleyways assault the senses with sound and light. It’s full to the brim of palaces and museums, trams and street musicians. Bars, restaurants and cafes full with interesting characters add to the local colour. A wonderful, warm and vital city.

3. Venice, City of Culture & Canals

The quintessential Venice – palazzos and gondolas is the backdrop to the thousand movies, with some justification. Venice really is a cinematic city, oozing class from every pore, it makes a truly amazing backdrop for the standard holiday selfie and a very romantic venue for a candlelit dinner.

4. Vienna, Capital of Austria

Vienna is truly one of the world’s most beautiful and cultured cities. Home to high culture and a certain dash of central European worldliness. The grand architecture reveals itself in streets, squares, palaces and museums. Home to world famous galleries and mouth-watering cake shops. Charm and history mix to provide a truly glittering experience on one of the culture capitals of the world.

5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands’ capital

Amsterdam is an interesting mix of culture and counter-culture. The city’s thousand canals offer a quirky backdrop to a modern European city. Whether your tastes are for world-class galleries, the Rijksmuseum is home to the world’s largest collection of Dutch masters. So whether you are seeking, culture, canals or coffee shops – Amsterdam is the place to go.